Blender 混合多个对象


  • Through this Plugin, you can blend objects to create and distribute shapes evenly between multiple objects in Sketch.
  • Note: you should use SAME SHAPES to do the blend trick.
  • Rectangles

  • You can try to blend their Radius, Fill, Border, Opacity, Rotate, Size, Position
  • Other shapes

  • Same as Rectangles, but can not blend their Radius.
  • Vectors (irregular shape)

  • You should copy the original shape. Change the copied shape's Fill, Border, Opacity, Rotate, Size or Position. Then apply the blend tool on them.
  • Notice: In this version, you cannot change the copied shape's anchor points. ;)
  • Texts

  • If you want to create a guideline for Headers, it could be useful. You can blend their Font size, Position, Character Spacing, Line Height and Text Color.


  • 下载并解压
  • 双击Blender.sketchplugin完成安装


  • Create shapes and put them in the right order since it will start from the bottom of the selected layers.
  • Select shapes(more than 2) that you want to blend.
  • Then you will see a input box. Type the number of steps you want between those shapes.
  • Then you get it!
  1. Create blending color blocks
  2. Quickly blend shapes(for rectangles)
  3. Multiple color blocks
  4. Irregular Lines
  5. Create a colorful alphabet!
  6. Quickly create headers' guideline.

Other Examples


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