Artboard Tricks 一键整理&排列画板




  1. 下载并解压 Artboard
  2. 双击 Artboard Tricks.sketchplugin 完成安装


Rearrange Artboards Into Grid

  • Automatically rearranges your artboards into rows containing an arbitrary number of columns. This is useful for organizing your artboards into distinct "flows", where each row corresponds to a flow.
  • Rows are 400px apart and columns are 100px apart by default (configurable per page).
  • The command also re-orders the list of artboards in the sidenav according to its position.
  • Note that the arrangement is based on the current position of each artboard.
  • Prefix Artboard Names With Numbers

  • Prefixes each artboard in your page with a number such as 102, 300, 517, etc. based on X and Y position. This is designed to be used with the "Rearrange Artboards Into Grid" command. The first digit is the row, the second 2 digits are the column, like so:
    1. 100 101 102
    2. 200 201
    3. 300 301 302 303 304
  • Select Artboards Containing Selection

  • Selects the artboard(s) that contain your selection. Useful if you want to select multiple artboards quickly (click and drag to select a bunch of layers, then run this script to select the container artboards).


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